Established in 1906, PDK is the premier professional association for educators and focuses its work on the tenets of service, research, and leadership. PDK publishes the highly-regarded Phi Delta Kappan, the No. 1 education policy magazine, and sponsors the annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools.

Pi Lambda Theta

Pi Lambda Theta is the most selective national honor society of educators. For 100 years, PLT has advocated for accomplished teaching and standards-based professional learning. Membership in PLT is limited to students and professionals who satisfy academic eligibility requirements. Membership is a distinctive and well-recognized honor allowing those who join to set themselves apart from the crowd. Additionally, PLT provides members with unequaled professional learning opportunities and resources that will help them to start or advance in their education careers.

Educational Horizons is the official magazine of Pi Lambda Theta. Its focus is on serving the professional needs of teacher candidates, graduate students in education, and new teachers.