Advice for Future Teachers of America

Are you considering becoming one of America’s next teachers? You probably have lots of questions. Here are common ones, along with answers!

How to Succeed in an Online Class Tips

The top 5 tips for online class success are from a survey of hundreds of online students. The best strategies were condensed into guidelines.

Professional Development for Teachers

Let’s explore professional development, why investing in it is so important, and key professional development opportunities for teachers.

Top Online Master of Education Degrees

The U.S. World and News Report yearly ranks educational programs in the United States. The publication recently released new rankings, including those for online master’s in education programs. The rankings…

Top 10 Christian Colleges and Universities

If you’re interested in teaching religious studies, a popular path is to do a faith-related degree with a Christian college or university. Here are some good choices to consider for…

Plagiarism Checkers for Teachers

With the incredible (and rapidly growing) volume of information available online, plagiarism is a real issue for teachers to deal with. Students can save tremendous amounts of time by copying…

How to Become a Classroom Teacher

To become a classroom teacher in America, you need a Bachelor of Education degree or the postgraduate equivalent: a Master of Teaching.