6 Tips on How To Engage With Students

Based on my teaching experience, here is how to engage students and make the classroom more interesting, light and beneficial for learning.

Professional Development for Teachers

Let’s explore professional development, why investing in it is so important, and key professional development opportunities for teachers.

How to Handle Bad Student Behavior

A classroom brings together both well and badly behaved students. The latter need attention to usher them back on the path to good behavior.

Prior Knowledge Activities

Here are activities to activate prior knowledge in the classroom. Once you get a feel for these, you should be able to come up with your own.

How to Manage a Class Effectively

Managing the classroom effectively is one of the teacher’s most important jobs and perhaps the most difficult, especially for new teachers.

How to Thrive During Your Field Experiences

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Why Teaching is Still a Good Career Choice

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Bring the Real World into the Classroom as a Teaching Strategy

Using real-world examples and tackling real-world problems in the classroom can make learning more meaningful to students. And it can help spark excitement in gaining knowledge about important issues. There is…

Mindfulness to Manage Anxious Kids in the Classroom

How a kindergarten teacher is effectively using mindfulness in the classroom to calm an anxious daughter. Here are the mother’s observations. As someone who has suffered from anxiety, I have…