Role of a Special Education Teacher

Special education teachers have the rewarding job of educating children and youth with cognitive, physical and behavioral challenges.

The role of a special education teacher is to teach academic, social and life skills so students with disabilities can reach their full potential. Educators in this field work across all age groups and in different settings, including public schools and in healthcare and residential facilities.

As a special education teacher, you’ll hopefully bring insight and experience concerning the challenges faced by special needs students. You’ll also be aware of different teaching strategies to help your students overcome their individual challenges.

Students with Disabilities

Educators in this field work with children who struggle with mental retardation, autism, brain injuries, hearing impairments, visual impairments, health impairments, or one of many other disabilities.

Where Are Special Education Teachers Needed?

Special education teachers can work in preschools, or elementary, middle, or secondary schools. Sometimes these teachers work with children in a classroom that is specifically for children with disabilities and sometimes they work with a child with special needs in a general education classroom.

Special education teachers may also work with a general education teacher to teach a class with both general education and special education students. Teachers who work with younger children sometimes even work with children and their parents in their homes.

What Special Education Teachers Do

These teachers spend their time revising general education curriculum to fit the needs of special education students. It’s a challenging job.

Special Ed teachers often work with other teachers to make sure students have what they need to help them develop and gain an education. Duties of special education teachers include helping students set and reach learning goals, give assignments and grade them, help kids learn to interact socially, teach life skills, and even provide counseling for careers.

Changing Lives

A career in special needs education is perfect for people who want to change lives and help individuals become their best selves. The teachers work hard to improve the lives of others are are greatly rewarded as they watch their students learn and grow.

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