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Many people are inspired to become teachers by their history and experiences (whether positive or negative) as a student. Here, some future educators share their stories about past events that are motivating them.

Nothing Will Stop Me

by Katherine

Motivation allows you to persist through difficult circumstances. Mine comes from a desire to grow into an instructor who is able to make a difference to many children’s lives.

In elementary school, I actually was a special education student. I’ve had to work hard most days of my life to achieve anything. I could not have succeeded without the support of some absolutely amazing teachers. Now I desire to take on that supporting role for as many students as I can reach.

When a class or an assignment I don’t want to do come up, I think of what motivates me. And the motivation is children. Many students feel powerless about their education, just like I did. I could be a teacher who turns their education around, providing vital support and motivation to succeed at their studies. Ultimately, everyone motivates themselves by one way or another. My motivation comes from the pure desire to help future students.

The Jesuit Tradition

by Miranda Febus

My motivation for succeeding in school is molded by the Jesuit tradition of being a person for other people.

As a student of Fordham University, the Jesuit University of New York, I aspire each day to be someone who others can rely on. One of the greatest things about my college is that it provides concrete opportunities for students to achieve these Jesuit traditions. Fordham provides a commuter freshmen mentor program, which allows incoming commuter freshmen to rely on and learn from their older classmates, while also fostering a strong community for commuter students. The most important aspect of the program is that it gives a handful of sophomore, junior, and senior commuter students the opportunity to practice the great Jesuit tradition of being an inspiring and helpful person for other people to look up to. Each day, I look forward to helping all twenty-five of my mentees.

Because I am so grateful for the opportunity Fordham has given me to be a well-rounded role model, I have chosen a career path in higher education so that I may continue to carry on the Jesuit tradition of being a person for others. In my future, I hope to be the director of the first-year experience program at a college so that I can continue to inspire the lives of others. I must work hard now and continue to study and succeed so that I can become the successful person for other people I want to be in the future.

Paying Forward

by Gia Sophia Sarris

In every school I have ever attended, I have had teachers who support and inspire me. I have looked up to these people ever since I was in elementary school, and they have had an immense and positive impact on my life and my view of the world. My fondness for these people has led me to aspire to become a teacher.

I want to “pay it forward” and improve the lives of children and teenagers who grow up struggling as I did, or in any way for that matter. I want to make a difference in their lives and let them know that they are not alone with their problems.

This is what motivates me to study hard. Becoming a teacher, I believe, will help me fulfill my purpose in life, which I think is to create happiness and ease the burdens of others. I feel that children and teenagers need this especially, because they are struggling to understand the world and their place in it. I study hard for their sake.

From Being Inspired to Being Inspiration

by Teresa Pillifant

My first day – well, more like first semester- of my freshman year in high school was the hardest semester of my whole school career. Usually the kind of student who loves school, I found myself getting stomachaches in the morning and dreading school with my whole being. I was new to the school, and the number of students was overwhelming.

It seemed like there was no relief, except for my first hour Spanish class. Having no friends, I would always arrive at my first hour class early. As this pattern continued, my Spanish teacher and I developed a relationship. My teacher started giving me books to read, asking my opinion on what we should do in class and just talked to me in general about life. Through my teacher’s support, I grew to find my place in the school and became more confident.

Her kind words and actions inspired me to become a teacher myself. Now, whenever school or life gets difficult, I think of my freshmen year Spanish teacher and how she inspired me. I want to do what she did for me for my future students. Whether it be a difficult test or a challenging class, my goal of making a difference in a student’s life keeps me going.

My Struggle To Find A Dream

by Jennifer Wolfert

From elementary school to my first year at college, I struggled to establish a dream for myself. Trying to figure out what career I wanted to pursue as successful adult always filled me with anxiety. I had spent multiple years in special education and left with a low academic self-esteem. So, after high school I attended Bucks County Community College in search for more time. Still I made no progress. Then I decided to change my outlook. I stopped asking “what do I want to do?” and started asking “who do I want to be?”. That’s when my dream took shape.

The educators that I met during my time at community college were my inspiration. They are brilliant, hardworking people with a passion for their specialty that I had never seen before. Their belief in hard work was infectious. School began to fill me with excited anticipation and my grades improved. I started to believe that if I worked hard enough then I could be like them and inspire others like they had inspired me.

At the end of my second year attending community college, I accomplished a task that had previously racked me with fear. I applied to Temple University as a Secondary English Education major. I have now completed my second semester at Temple and earned my first 4.0 GPA. In time, I am confident that I will be able to accomplish my dream. I will become the passionate and inspiring educator that my younger self never had.

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