Why Teaching is Still a Good Career Choice

Teaching is still one of the most rewarding career choices. While being a teacher is demanding, you have the opportunity to make a genuine difference.

While you may have read about teacher burnout and disappointing levels of support from parents, most teachers still love their role. Teaching is highly rewarding. The satisfaction of working with impressionable students who are eager to learn can far outweigh the demands of the profession.

If you are contemplating entering the education field professionally, here are some of the many reasons why teaching is still a good career choice. Note that the path to becoming a classroom teacher starts with a Bachelor of Education or equivalent degree. You may also need to do a teacher education program if that is not part of your undergraduate program.

You Make a Difference in Kids’ Lives

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A particularly cherished aspect of teaching is the ability to positively impact student lives. Classroom teachers often report that achieving learning breakthroughs is especially rewarding. Observing students finally make a key connection – and properly grasp a topic they’ve struggled with – is a tangible way teachers can know that they are doing something meaningful.

If you’re calling is to teach younger pupils, you may be responsible for kids with little or no experience of formal schooling. In early education, you could be teaching basic skills such as lining up, raising your hand when you want attention, and being quiet and listening when the teacher is talking. As well as basic skills and routines, you help children to expand their world, make friends, and cooperate with others.

Elementary school sets students off on a journey of discovery. You give students a foundation for doing well in the higher grades.

On the other hand, you may prefer to teach older students who you can communicate with on a more equal footing. In this role, you are able to propel students forward as more of a coach, instructor or mentor.

Not only do you cover the curriculum as a high school teacher, you can also promote critical thinking, good study habits and teach a few life skills along the way. You are preparing your class for the next stage of life, whether that is further education or joining the workforce.

Much Longer Vacations

You may have heard teachers say that the best part of the job is June to August – that is, when they’re not actually working much. Well, there is some truth to this.

As a teacher, you have the opportunity to rest and recover each summer, with around ten weeks of time off. You can use the break for professional development or, as many do, take a complete rest from educational activities for a while.

The summer months also offer the chance to reflect on the school year just gone and make adjustments for the year ahead. Very few jobs offer this type of refreshing break every year.

Admittedly, you may desperately need the time away if the school year has been busy and draining. But, with such a good amount of downtime, you should be fully recharged to take on the next group of students.

Tremendous Job Security

When the economy shrinks and many people seem to be struggling to get or keep a job, teachers have few worries. Teaching services are always needed. Kids are always coming along who need to be taught. So teachers are always in demand.

Jobs in teaching are continually becoming available because of retirements, teachers switching to other careers, and growth in the number of young people. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has observed, “As student enrollments increase in the coming decade, employment growth is projected in all of the teaching occupations.”

Daily Joys from the Job

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Teachers experience the small or great joys of working with their students each school day. As a classroom teacher, you gradually develop a rapport with your pupils and are able to share jokes and experiences. You join in celebrating class and student achievements.

You can show your personality as you learn more about your students and how to manage the class effectively. Turning up to greet your class each day can quickly turn into a enjoyable experience that you look forward to. And your ability to control the group and get the best out of your students tends to grow with experience.

Excellent Retirement Benefits

Upon retirement, teachers receive pensions. These are often more generous than the typical retirement benefits received from the private sector. Although each state is different, many allow teachers to retire at age 55 so long as they’ve been making retirement fund contributions for 30 years.

You also have the option of part retirement. You can quit full-time teaching and do fill-in teaching, tutoring and online instruction. That way, you can keep busy and earn an income without the pressure of managing a class each day.

5 thoughts on “Why Teaching is Still a Good Career Choice

  1. The pandemic is going to create a need for more teachers because remote learning hasn’t worked for the most part and there is going to be a knowledge gap. This gap can only be filled by more schooling. I know kids (and maybe parents) won’t like this but if we want to help our children catch up, we need to provide more schooling. This will require more teachers in turn so if you want to teach, get into college now.

    1. I completely agree with your statement. During my observation, I got the chance to look at the assessment scores of sophomores I was sitting in on (not seeing names, of course). It was shocking to see, knowing the benchmark they usually are at, and it was all due to the initial online schooling. There is definitely a knowledge and social gap that teachers have to work overtime to help move past. I have also seen a push for more teachers since the pandemic.

  2. I know teachers are still in high demand in the U.S., particularly if you teach in a subject that is in high demand. I know that the first year or two might require a teacher to substitute but they usually can get a good job after getting some experience under their belt.

  3. Teaching does have some excellent benefits including making a difference in students’ lives. However, it’s a challenging job that can be stressful and teaching is not for everyone. It’s not just dealing with kids but dealing with parents who can range from not caring at all to wanting to micromanage you.

    1. Teachers are the building block for the future generation. There is always requirement of certified teachers in the USA. If you are willing to start your career in teaching then you should complete the required education and certification.

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